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Clip trailing in Dokeos ' exercises for 1.

Dokeos1.8.6.2 will send a new beta tool, the clip tracker for exercises. It Holds been invited since 2004, equally far as I can think working on Dokeos, but I hold ever declined to begin implementing it, mostly because it was a hazardous concern to need to support a JavaScript doohickey with the deficiency of portable JS libraries.

Since the espousal of JQuery globally in Dokeos though, things hold modified, and although *nobody* financed that development ( which I am rather frustrated about, really ), we hold taken the duty to position it inside1.8.6.2.

This is one more large measure in the tally against Moodle, which appeared to liberate velocity constantly for the last two geezerhood ( see activity graph on Ohloh
), and for which we were ever getting justifications like:

  • more flexible ( we still hold some work to make on the graphic flexibleness here )

  • supports UTF-8 ( technically, we now make this likewise, and support might really be better than in Moodle, we maked n't check that )

  • allows for timed examinations ( will support that )

  • is faster/more efficient ( I am still waiting for data to prove statement and I seriously doubt it )

We are likewise working constantly on better the clip and grades tracking overall, as this is a highly reasonable affair for most of us.

The residuum of the features placed that varies is generally regarded moot ( =not important/useless ) by users in many instances, but we hold a clustering of things that Moodle makes n't hold yet.

Now as we steel onself for Dokeos2.0 and Moodle2.0, I 'm turning more rummy about how this is all attending work in the futurity.

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Orange Glaze Bar

3 big eggs
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter
1 cup soured cream
1 tablespoonful orange peel; grated
1 teaspoonful vanilla
1/2 teaspoonful almond infusion
1 3/4 cup unsifted general-purpose flour
1 teaspoonful baking pulverization
1 teaspoonful bicarbonate of soda
1/8 teaspoonful salt
orange glaze, formula follows

Preheat the oven to 325F; generously grease and flour a 10-inch Bundt pan.

Divide the eggs, setting the whites in a medium bowl and yolks in a cup. Vanquish the whites with an electrical beater but until soft extremums organize when the beater is raised, about 3 transactions. Place aside.

With same beaters crush together the sugar and butter in a big bowl. Add the soured cream, yolk, orange peel, and vanilla and almond infusions; shell until light and downy.

Unite the flour, baking pulverisation, soda, and salt in a sifter and sift over the butter mixture; beat simply until thoroughly intermixed. Crease in the beaten egg whites and reassign to the prepared pan.

Bake the bar 1 hr or until a bar examiner entered in the Centre comes out clean. Cool the bar in the pan 10 proceedings. Loosed the bar from the pan and invert onto a cooling rack layed over a sheet of wax paper.

Ready the Orange Glaze; mizzle the glaze over the bar and chill to room temperature.

Orange Glaze: Combine 1 cup orange juice, staying 1/2 cup sugar, 1/3 cup lemon juice, and 1/8 teaspoonful salt in a little saucepan. Furuncle rapidly for 3 to 4 proceedings.

Beginning: Sara Moulton

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Marque consciousness grips Punjab

Turning knowingness and arising incomes hold conveyed roughly greater marque consciousness in Punjab, as people of all ages are now willing to pay excess for the marque passion, which holds taken the Province in its clutch.

Many people place branded dresses with better social rank and believe that there is no hurt in disbursement on them.

`` Branded apparels hold gone position symbols and the individual who makes n't wear branded apparels, makes n't draw misses but everyone appreciates people who wear branded apparels. The people who wear simple dresses are looked downwardly upon. It makes n't look nice but this is mode these years, '' stated Richa Aneja, a immature university student.

Mahima, a client, believes that Bollywood brings in another angle to marques. She states that but the fact that stars back them and wear them gives a rather encouragement to purchase these material.

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Clip marks names: who Shoulds fault for fiscal crisis

Mobile podcast # 7: How to setup your WordPress blog for wandering podcasting with your iPhone & Posterous

CARS TOYS Roentgen U.S.A. Scoop Sarges Bootcamp

I was able to come across a couple of of the Toys Roentgen US exclusive Sarge 's Boot Cantonment Megasized sets and conveyed them place with ME Not a bad set but it is high-priced.

CARS Sarges Bootcamp (1)

CARS Sarges Bootcamp (2)

CARS Sarges Bootcamp (3)

CARS Sarges Bootcamp (4)

CARS Sarges Bootcamp (5)

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bipartisan touching.

Who told the Apocalypse?

iPhone for authors

A speedy roundup of some utile and free iPhone applications for authors:

Quickpedia - Wikipedia is the first halt for speedy overview mention data on simply about anything. Quickpedia gives a nice, easy to apply iPhone interface to the popular site.

Wikihow - On the heels of quickpedia, this utile small application gives you a direct portal to yards of how-to articles on a reach of themes. Plays interesting reading and you ne'er cognize when you might encounter some vague small tip that a character could utilize.

BabyNames, Infant Namer - I happened these two free apps last dark while browsing the appstore. I 've been setting away renaming my characters in my current WIP chiefly because I maked n't desire to move delving about for my babe name book, these two apps supply 10 of chiliads of names in an easily searchable formatting. They stand to be improbably utile.

All we involve now is for a browse-able phonebook for family name and we can eliminate the most bulky necessary mention stuff for any book.

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Diana Peterfreund 's `` Rap & Gown ''


You ever hold that dreaming where you 're naked in a crowd?

I consider that this would be manner worse:


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Gateway modifications to EY03 and EY05

Far-famed Bible Quotes

1 Pet 2: 24: He himself bore our wickednesses in his body on the tree, so that we might decease to sinfulnesses and dwell for righteousness; by his lesions you hold been mended.

Bible Saying

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the duality of independency

It experiences as if this station is way delinquent. But then, it besides experiences to be allly immature.

I 'm attending wad much into this station, so for you ADD readers, here Holds the short version:

  • Update on Baby Kailey
    : she Holds making great!

  • I went inwards with my parents to aid with the infant!

  • I still hold my spot, so there will still be a Christmas Tree Screening Party3.0!

  • I discontinued my occupation!

  • I 'm freelancing! ( yes, read above: i cease my line! )

  • I 'm verily, verily happy, emotional, and frighted as all hellhole!

  • Hymeneals Bells

Whew. That was n't so hard? Now what took me goodby to compose this station? ( Besides painstakingly seeking for the exact right image. Which I will ever
obsess over. )

First things firstly. I 'm making GREAT. In the last 4 months I 've done some of the large conclusions of my life, and I could n't be more aroused about everything. The recession be maledicted! I cognize it Holds a really real stuff, but I 've determined to not participate in it. ;-)

Secondly, there is altogether no fashion I would hold been able to do any of those conclusions without the grand friends and menage who hold rung me with support and encouragement. I 'd be about 2 % of a soul without you all.


Update on Infant Kailey + Place Again

Before I get into bay item with my new calling way, I desired to give an update on Babe Kailey. Many of you hold inquired about how she is making, or who that cunning infant is popping up on my Flickrstream
If you maked n't read my original station on Kailey, it's here
Short version is... since Nov my parents hold holded hold of my cousin-german 's infant miss. She was 2 months old when she came to remain with us, she is now a healthy7.5 month old. Mama holds since begun back at work, and I hold locomoted inwards to assist out with the day to day awesomeness of holding a infant about. I cuss, everyday I enquire how individual mothers make this. There are 3, sometimes 4, grownups in that house, and we are all tuckered! :-)

In February, after the awesomely successful Mom 2.0 Summit
, I doed the determination to go inwards with mommy and pop to assist out as mummy got back at work. I was a trifle disturbed about leaving my spot, but I chance a friend who involved a spot to remain for 6 months, and it merely worked out perfect. I justly need to travel my dresses, and he permits me see whenever I desire. Thanks, Trae!

I doed the conclusion so quickly, that I really maked n't hold clip to believe about what a large passage this would be. Excluding a couple of post-college months, I holded n't swallowed my parents since senior high school, nighly 12 eld ago. In one day I moved from being an independent, individual, urban, museum district-highrise denizen, to a napkin changing, baby-talking, suburban girl sleep in my parents house in NJ Settlement. Head spin!

But every second 's been deserving it. I 've been here closely 6 hebdomads and I hold n't lost my flat once. Imputable an unfastened invitation from Trae. :-) I 'll ne'er bury what the wise Laura Mayes
told to me when I was contemplating this determination: she stated to me, `` You 'll ne'er rue passing this clip with your menage. '' And that verily followed ME And holds proceeded to. What is 6 months in my life? A clip to be there for my household, to pass clip with my momma and pappa, and most importantly to see the first yr of a shaver 's life. There really was no determination to do.

July 4

After a couple of hebdomads of being place, it got to pass to me what a fiscal benefit this was going. I holded not thought on travelling place for the interest of relieving money, but it was certainly an ancillary benefit. I promptly came to the recognition that the clip was moment for me to do another conclusion I holded been fighting with for geezerhood.

Most of you cognize me in one capacity or another, and at one clip most of you hold enquire the enquiry, `` So what is it you Make? '' A enquiry I 've fought with answering, usually with a chortle. It usualy begins like this, `` Well, my day
occupation is _____, but I too make _______. '' About 4 ages ago I doed a conclusion that my traditional ( well-paid ) Oil & Gas merchandising vocation would ne'er fulfil my vocation passionatenesses. I attempted many companies, much to the discouragement of my survey and friends ' incredulity. Over the last few eld, I 've hitted out for slipways to search my originative passionatenesses in the descriptor of Praseodymium, event planning, designing, and most recently, societal media. As a outcome, I 've constructed upwards a web of astonishing people, dreaming clients, and many, many new friends. It Holds ever been a agency to an terminal, as I cognise that one day I would do the leap from corporate employee to free-lance. And last Midweek, that day came.

Yep, in the middle of an economical depression turned recession, on taxation day stillly, I completed my judgement day at Halliburton. For 3 years now, I 've officially been freelance. And I can honestly tell, I hold n't been this happy in a years. And naturally everyone tells I will finally state, why maked n't I make this a age ago. But I dissent. This was the right clip. I need to be ready. All the elements need to be ready. And this was the clip.

I 've hold the astonishing chance to work on some dreaming labor over the last few months. Getting with the Momma2.0 Pinnacle, where I encountered so many astonishing folks. One particularly, writer and wife of Houston 's Mayor, Andrea White.
Since so, I 've been working with Andrea, and with the Bill White for Texas Senate Campaign
on societal media schemes, and it Holds been a wondrous experience.


So that takes me to my programmes. The figure one enquiry I get these years is no more `` what make you make? '' but instead, `` so what ARE you gon na make? '' And it appears like an easy one to reply. But it Holds been hard.

I 'm not a graphical decorator, a web developer, or a traditional pr somebody. Both my undergrad and alumna levels are in Psychology. Turn fig. And most of what I make relies on the coaction of those within my web. I can take a nice ikon, but I cognize a helluva spate of unbelievable lensman. I can open Photoshop and state you what color looks good following to rap, but I am friends with some improbably talented decorators who can contrive circle round ME I can Google CSS lines of codification, but name some of the best coder around friends. Where I 've chance my strength prevarications is in the communicating of an thought with a client. The development of a scheme. The executing of that scheme with a squad of creatives. This is where I surpass. Taking my web of gifted people together. And it Holds taken me 10 eld to reckon that out. So here I am.

I 'll hold much more items in the coming months of my freshly organized company, COLAB
, and about the tasks I 'll be working on. For the interest of coherency I 've nicknamed it `` synergistic originative services, '' which includes Pr, event coordination, graphical designing, web designing, and societal media scheme. Site established shortly, and planning a networking event to officially denote the start of COLAB. I 'll post all the points here on my blog.

So here I am. Back in my parents house. In the suburbs. Eating my words. Recollect `` Midtown Monica ''? I hold n't buried her. My new encountered independency, doubtlessly contingent on dependance of my household, who holds ne'er once hesitated to assist me get to where I desire to be.

Nuptials Bells

Hahahaha, GOTCHA! Knew THAT would get your attending. No, no, I 'm not headed for the alter! Conducting a threefold life for the past 4 geezerhood approximately can verily take it out of ya. So I 'm besides looking forrard to getting back to some of the things that I so love, but hold n't holded the clip for. Like penning. I hold a couple of undertakings I will be working on, that you will hearing more about presently, including more blogging and a couple of books I am working on. One book that is exceedingly impending, A Bingle Fille 's Usher to Nuptials
Why so? Goodly, as of today, I hold 15 this twelvemonth. Yep. FIFTEEN hymeneals. I 'm in 4 of them. And 3 are out of the province. Not justly make I hold 15 hymeneals. I hold 15 nuptial showers. and 15 bachelorette parties. Duo 's showers. trips to Crate & Barrel. All told honestness, I LOVE hymeneals. No paronomasia thought. I believed this would be a merriment manner to share my experiences and observations on love, dating, matrimony, and ( to borrow a phrase from MagsMac
) the radical important argumentation between taupe and whitish. I 've attended 3 already this yr, and hold 3 chapters so far. Very excited to see where this locomotes.

I 'm still blogging over at Houstonist
, and on my designing blog, Design Junky
, which recently got a rhytidoplasty, and course here on Cosmopolitician
Will be blogging for a new playfulness blog, deets on it presently!

There Holds More?!! Dang.

Thanks for enduring to the terminal of this station. I cognize it was a trifle of a marathon, and I assure to be more brief in the hereafter.

I ca n't say you how much all of your support, encouragement and self-confidence holds intended tome. This community is my creation and my linchpin. I desire this makes n't sound to Grammy credence address, but there are a couple of people I REALLY must thank for aiding me get to this point.

Maggie McDonald
for your vast grin and changeless finding, you invigorate me;

Laura Mayes
who Holds infinite wisdom and grace forced me to cease my business ( so that she would n't be solely in her self-employment! );

Ed Schipul
for passably much everything: every item of deranged wisdom, every voting of self-assurance, and every `` what the eff are you waiting for '' address;

And last but the very UNleast, Mama and Daddy, who ne'er allow me believe for a sec that I could neglect at anything. Even when I hold. I love you, I love you, I love you ( now what day makes the housemaid come? ) :-)

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Vegan Mofo: Apple Spice Loaf


Today was another beautiful autumn day ( unlike yesterday ) and holded me desiring to make something with the apples picked on my Thanksgiving adventure I holded the other day. The first thing I believed of was an Apple Spice Loaf. I 'm shy why because I hold ne'er holded such or loaf or if it even were. So I looked about until I bumped one that sounded good and tweaked it to my liking.

Apple Spice Loaf

I fetch up applying my formula for Cinnamon Swirl Loaf , and altered the streusal formula to one I happened in this
formula. It was really good, it develops a trifle of a crust over a stamp and cake-like loaf. The streusal was fantastic so easy to do excessively ( you cognize how streusal can sometimes get overly dry or excessively oily? goodly this one was to the letter ).

Apple Spice Loaf

1 cup soymilk
1 Tb apple cyder acetum
2 cups general-purpose flour
1 tsp baking pulverisation
1/2 tsp saleratus
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup canola oil
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 soybean yogurt ( I applied Sol Nice 's Orginal )

For the Apple-Cinnamon Streusal:

1 cup flour
1/2 cup dark-brown sugar, firmly packed
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup earth balance, runned
1 apple, skinned and cubed

Preheat the oven to 350 grades and lightly grease a loaf pan.

1. In a little bowl, unite the soymilk and the apple cyder acetum. Lay aside so it gets all nice and curdly.
2. In another little bowl, unite all of the streusal ingredients and position aside.
3. In a big bowl, sift together the flour, baking pulverisation, baking soda and salt. Place aside.
4. In a separate big bowl, shell together the canola oil, sugar and soy yoghourt.
5. Add the flour mixture, along with the soymilk/vinegar to the sugar mixture in batches. ( I maked this in three batches )
6. Add 1/2 of the batsman to bum pan and so scatter with the Apple-Cinnamon Streusal. Add staying of the slugger and top with the resting of the streusal.
7. Bake for 45-50 proceedings until a toothpick or a knife is entered into the loaf comes out clean.


Oh, and to my fellow Canadians, get out there and vote today!

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